Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Six Pix from Liverdance Six

Pictures by PMS/2011
I was late to the race, might as well be late posting photos. There are more to come but I'm experiencing some serious difficulties in the media storage department. Great race too, hope you all had as much fun as I/we did. Springtime Warlock club rides are in the works, stay tuned.
-P77, WBC 4/26/11

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Thanks to all the participants for coming out and making Liverdance 6 a success. Thanks to the Warlocks for devoting their time and energy to getting the race done. Here are the race standings... Men 1. Harlan Sangrey 2. William Thomas 3. Ray Godd 4. Paul Rose 5. Jeff Butlers 6. Justin Landers 7. Logan Barclay 8. Santos 9. Mike Pitts 10. Lane Whiting 11. Josh Frachispen 12. Taylor Bell 13. Ryan Nagler 14. Jess Stanley 15. Dillion Mowb 16. T.J. Lansdown 17. Ian Falconer 18. Ryan Aldofson 19. James Ann 20. B-Sweaty 21. Blake Dietz 22. Mark Mcgahein 23. Mathew Wordell 24. Ethan Savage 25.Marty Graph 26. Gerald Steele 27. Josh Gross 28. Stew Kerber 29. Dave Warnimont 30. Zach Cooley Women 1. Alex Homme 2. Monica Hopkins 3. Liz Littman 4. Erica Liehol 5. Liesl Milan 6. Corin Aussie 7. Julie Houser 8. Jen Warnimont 9. Cassy Moore There were 13 more of you out there somewhere. Thanks again for coming out! Pics to follow.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Crap.

Didn't realize the flyer didn't have the race entry fee on it. Race fee is $8. We'll get our shit together one day.