Friday, March 05, 2010

An American Warlock in Paris.

A welcome fit for a Warlock! Eddy met me at the airport. The Metro. The Velib is the city's public bike system. A success despite random vandalism. The fine folks at 'Cyclope' have made me feel right at home. This shop is a short walk from the apartment. They have this endless stock of French and European track bikes and carry just all kinds of cool shit! Once I get my wheels put together I'll be riding this thing around Paris and BEYOND! Stay tuned on the Scugliafab blog for pics of it all assembled. The Raider Nation spreads far and wide!


WBC Boise Chapter said...

Thanks for the visual update!
-Your Boise brethren.

Anonymous said...
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oldschooly said...

Thanks 77! The rest of you are a bunch of 'No Commenters'!