Thursday, March 25, 2010

You're welcome.

Spotted this lil love note in the back of the Boise Weekly on Wednesday. You're welcome, whoever you are; glad you enjoyed the race. -P77

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Drink milk, haul ass and live to dance another day"...

A large round of applause to Thee WBC, The Dutch Goose, Test Tube Kitty, Boise City Green Belt System, Prestige Skateboards, The Boise Bicycle Project and you: the fine citizens of our fair city. Our 5th annual Liverdance Alleycat was fast, furious and as always, super fun. In the absence of C43 (he's currently studying contemporary miming in France and couldn't be with us) I was relegated to being the loud one. With that, I apologize for such an anticlimactic finish to such a great afternoon. I don't particularly care for any more than two people looking at me much less standing in front of a throbbing throng of sweating cyclists and having to speak out loud. I'm sure my kudos to the 60 year-old Mom that raced (and finished) were drowned out by tequila-swilling rowdiness so I want to congratulate her again. I forgot her name but she's in one of the pics down there, smiling and stoked. We had 67 racers and most of you finished, I noticed that Triton came in 19th and then again at 32nd. Good job aaand... good job. "Drank at all the stops" placed 41-44, forever securing a place in my heart as true champions. Top Three Women were: 3. Mary Ann, 2. Alex and 1. Captain Fran, way to go ladies. Dudes and top finishers all came in right around an hour: 3. Ian, 2. Manbaby, 1. Mooch. Nice work lads. I wish I had more/better pictures from the cereal killing. I noticed that Mooch ate his Lucky Charms by hand then guzzled the milk, maybe that was the difference maker. Anyway, thanks again for being so cool and I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Chris we missed you but the boys stepped right up and pulled off another great WBC production (oh yeah, and The Iceman says "heyn"). Thanks Warlocks.
Slainte- P77, 3.22.10

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Bunch of Rockers!

Good Luck to Everyone, Warlocks and Participants in this, the fifth year of the Liverdance dynasty. Drink a beer (or twelve) for me.
Four Three Paris.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shamrock and roll: Tomorrow!

*Must bring a small carton of milk
We're running this one bare bones- everyone is broke and swag donations were almost nil so we won't have much for prizes (this is about riding bikes and drinking beers with yer buddies, anyway). The finish line is smoke-free and kid friendly so bring the wee ones. And don't forget to bring some milk- 2%, soy, whatever.
Should be a pip, hope we see ya there.
Your friends and foes,

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Get milk.

Yes, you need to bring a little carton of milk to the start. Soy, 2%, chocolate whatever, bring it. A few bucks in folding money will be necessary for some of the race stops, too.
This event is 21+, sorry young guns. We call it Liverdance for a reason. Consider yourself warned. These revolutions will not be televised. Get milk. -P77/WBC Boise

Friday, March 05, 2010

An American Warlock in Paris.

A welcome fit for a Warlock! Eddy met me at the airport. The Metro. The Velib is the city's public bike system. A success despite random vandalism. The fine folks at 'Cyclope' have made me feel right at home. This shop is a short walk from the apartment. They have this endless stock of French and European track bikes and carry just all kinds of cool shit! Once I get my wheels put together I'll be riding this thing around Paris and BEYOND! Stay tuned on the Scugliafab blog for pics of it all assembled. The Raider Nation spreads far and wide!