Sunday, August 16, 2009

DrinkBeerRideBikes, Race Today!

Race Details:
  • Sunday August 16th
  • Sunset Park – 2625 N. 32nd
  • 3pm registration 
  • 4pm race starts
You will need to bring:
  •  Your Identification – 21 and up ONLY
  •  $10 for entry
  •  Money for stops – I’m sure you can figure out why
  •  A satchel, bag or sack
  •  Pen
  •  One unopened CAN of beer – your choice

1 comment:

MEA said...

Great ride. Thanks for supporting. We had fun.

My bike was stolen last night. Can you please post something to the blog asking folks to keep an eye out for my kick ass, in the hands of somebody totally not deserving, single speed? Its electric blue, Schwinn, toe baskets. I have a photo I can send you. Thanks! Maria.