Friday, March 06, 2009

Banned in Boy-C

Start stretching your livers for the 4th annual St. Paddy's Day Alleycat Race. <


oldschooly said...

I and I love this flyer.

chris said...

Jah Rastafari!

hammner said...

jah badbrain! and warren is training my liver

Trilbone said...

What you talkin' banned in boise

oldschooly said...

Well, Chris, on the album we got inspiration for the flyer from there is a track entitled 'Banned in D.C.'. It's merely a play on words.

P77 said...

As was the previous title " Sailin' On". Well, it's an actual song title and may be a play on words, but they're not our words nor did we play with them.
The Warlocks. A Band in Boise.

dirty and pink said...

i always thought you boys picked the name "the warlocks" cuz you are all closet deadheads.

Why is it called Swobo? said...

Why did you call is Liverdance?
Why is registration at Camels Back Park?
Why do I need to be ready to drink? Why do you hate curly haired people?
Why is the flyer yellow?
Why isn't the lightening yellow?
Why did you spell Boise 'Boy-C'?
Do these colors promote the usage of the doob tube?
Why do they call them 'shorts'?
How much can you guys bench press?