Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Liverdance 4

Expect to see a flyer real effing soon, like tomorrow, but in case you have to take off work or something here's some more info.
This rather half assed post is for you, The People! Saturday, March 14th 
Registration will start at 5p.m. and the race will start at 6p.m. 
Five bucks.
21 and over, as always. Bring your liver. 
You'll need it.
I'll wait to give you the starting location because I don't want to assume any permissions....or decisions.
Because the Warlocks really care. 


C39 said...

Hey 77- what's the name of that place you like to eat at with all the sh!t hanging on the walls?

P77 said...

Ummmm, is this the set up to a joke and my response is the punch line?

Modesty Clothing said...

is it sweenanigans? you guys are talking about sweenanigans right?

C39 said...


P77 said...

No really, 39-I have no idea what you're referring to.
Do tell.

oldschooly said...

77, Have you never seen Super Troopers? C'Mon.

Don't know what the Zzzzing is about but believe that 39's original post was in reference to the movie.

P77 said...

I saw it once drunk, and remember very little.

dirty and pink said...

i can hardly believe you were drunk, once.

C39 said...

Excuse me. I just got excited. See you this week.