Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few small things to consider before venturing into the cool March air on Saturday the 14th at 6PM in Camels Back Park, Boise, Idaho ...

LIVERDANCE 4 is a bicycle race. But we call it "Liverdance" for a reason. This event is 21+ and many stops require entry into bars (where you may or may not have to consume alcohol but you will need appropriate I.D. to get in). If you do not partake in adult beverages, there will be alternative consumables, but EVERYONE NEEDS TO BRING I.D. We're offering the wildly affordable, recession-friendly entry fee of $5 but please bring a little folding money for additional drinks and tips.
This year's race is also a return to form. Alleycats originated with messengers racing co-workers for cash or bragging rights or beers or fun or all of the above. We've decided to forgo the raffle and hope that an evening out on the town, on your bike, drinking beer with fellow go-getters is just as enjoyable as winning a water bottle (or an oddly fitting hat). We'll still have $$$ for the winners and beer and grub for everyone after the race so don't fret over this too much. 
The following was eloquently written by Lil Bau Wau and appeared on The Velo Pirates blog before their last race. This is an excellent summary of what to expect (please note- the word in italics was my insertion and in no way reflects the views or policies of the Velo Pirates):
"As always, understand that there are risks. This is not a closed course and we have added a new element of difficulty to our event by eschewing sobriety. Auto traffic does not care what you are engaged in. Ride smart. Assume everything is your fault".
The weather may be a factor by the time Saturday afternoon rolls around so fendering-up is probably a good idea. And lights are always smart, but you ride with those anyway, right?
We're really excited for the race and hope to see you all of your smiling faces at the start AND the finish. 
Media watch: L4 is on the national radar, check out these glowing endorsements from some of the industry heavy hitters:
"That looks like absolutely no fun."
Hurl, Cars-R-Coffins
"I had a dream about Danzig last night."
Stevil, Swobo
"Seeing this got me about 3/4 this morning."
Bikes & Rec
P77, on one cup of coffee, some cheerios and 4 hours of sleep. 03.12.09 


Stevil said...

I had another fucking dream he was in this morning.. This is getting out of hand, but I have to say, in every recent instance he's visited me in my slumber, he has been very nice.

P77 said...

Now the question is, does Danzig ever sleep? And if so, how often do you appear in his dreams?

a. mortician said...

I am sooooooo sick of having to work when bicycle brew-ha-has are going on. Drink many miles for me please.

Jonny Hamachi said...

"The Law?"

"The Law is a Human Institution."

Show those Vela Pirates and bikes and rec boys how it's done!
Above And Beyond!