Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alpine static...

 Kinski is playing the Neurolux on Saturday night. Do it.
And I just saw that Viva Voce is playing there tonite but I hafta work.
The rock and the roll has come upon us, friends.
P77, 11:21AM

Cav Wins Milan-San Remo

Mark Cavendish won the 100th Milan-San Remo. A very emotional win, indeed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

LIVERDANCE 4: Green Haze...

The Warlocks Bicycle Club would like to thank you for coming out to race on Saturday. These are just a few of the pics that I shot- the rest can be viewed HERE. I have two short video clips I will post later and maybe we can get official finish standings up as well. Thanks again everyone, Art was generous enough to host the after-party and from the looks of it, his house was still intact when I left. I didn't witness any fights or petty bullshit either, just a bunch of fine folks drinking beer, ridin' bikes and gettin' along. Fuck yeah.
P77, WBC2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few small things to consider before venturing into the cool March air on Saturday the 14th at 6PM in Camels Back Park, Boise, Idaho ...

LIVERDANCE 4 is a bicycle race. But we call it "Liverdance" for a reason. This event is 21+ and many stops require entry into bars (where you may or may not have to consume alcohol but you will need appropriate I.D. to get in). If you do not partake in adult beverages, there will be alternative consumables, but EVERYONE NEEDS TO BRING I.D. We're offering the wildly affordable, recession-friendly entry fee of $5 but please bring a little folding money for additional drinks and tips.
This year's race is also a return to form. Alleycats originated with messengers racing co-workers for cash or bragging rights or beers or fun or all of the above. We've decided to forgo the raffle and hope that an evening out on the town, on your bike, drinking beer with fellow go-getters is just as enjoyable as winning a water bottle (or an oddly fitting hat). We'll still have $$$ for the winners and beer and grub for everyone after the race so don't fret over this too much. 
The following was eloquently written by Lil Bau Wau and appeared on The Velo Pirates blog before their last race. This is an excellent summary of what to expect (please note- the word in italics was my insertion and in no way reflects the views or policies of the Velo Pirates):
"As always, understand that there are risks. This is not a closed course and we have added a new element of difficulty to our event by eschewing sobriety. Auto traffic does not care what you are engaged in. Ride smart. Assume everything is your fault".
The weather may be a factor by the time Saturday afternoon rolls around so fendering-up is probably a good idea. And lights are always smart, but you ride with those anyway, right?
We're really excited for the race and hope to see you all of your smiling faces at the start AND the finish. 
Media watch: L4 is on the national radar, check out these glowing endorsements from some of the industry heavy hitters:
"That looks like absolutely no fun."
Hurl, Cars-R-Coffins
"I had a dream about Danzig last night."
Stevil, Swobo
"Seeing this got me about 3/4 this morning."
Bikes & Rec
P77, on one cup of coffee, some cheerios and 4 hours of sleep. 03.12.09 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Good For You...

Stevil won't be racing but he has a fairly legitimate excuse (I will assume). You dear friends, do not. Have legitimate excuses, I mean. You can assume all you want. Anyway, Mr. Kinevil was kind enough to post our flyer onto his blog and we would like to thank him kindly. Thanks, Swo-bro.
Click here for more radness.
And yes, he referred to C43 as "Captain Dirtbag".
Signed, P77 (one of his henchmen)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Banned in Boy-C

Start stretching your livers for the 4th annual St. Paddy's Day Alleycat Race. <

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Liverdance 4

Expect to see a flyer real effing soon, like tomorrow, but in case you have to take off work or something here's some more info.
This rather half assed post is for you, The People! Saturday, March 14th 
Registration will start at 5p.m. and the race will start at 6p.m. 
Five bucks.
21 and over, as always. Bring your liver. 
You'll need it.
I'll wait to give you the starting location because I don't want to assume any permissions....or decisions.
Because the Warlocks really care. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

NAHBS 2009.

The North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show was this past weekend in Indianapolis. Click HERE for total photo freakout.