Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Next Level Caffeine Intake

How to freebase coffee. Good chance I will stick with just drinking it.  


P77 said...

I get the feeling the filmmaker believes he's making a difference. I bet he's standing in his kitchen in his yellowy white underwear dreaming of accolades after his public access debut. Maybe a round table discussion on Charlie Rose about how he, the little guy, unified the losers and single-handedly replaced meth as the most obnoxious drug of choice.
"Everyone who gets drunk will not write a good book." Freakwater.

thomas wilson said...

is it worse that he totally pre-wrote the script for the making of this video, or the fact that he figures out how to do this at all?

ham said...

finallly! god, i left that recipe out in the rain and i thought i'd never find it again