Saturday, January 03, 2009

So, not wanting to be outdone by the local rivals we finally got most of the club together for a group photo. Harder still was getting our colors sewn in time for the shoot, but here it is- 
(Take that Bike & Rec! Up yours Velo Pirates!)
On a related note, the Boise Bike Polo crew posed for their 2009
team photo as well:


a. mortician said...

You guys can no longer hide in anonymity. What a day this is....Don't I recall "A23" getting all bent out of shape about, "christian names" being used on the internet? I'll bet he/she's gonna be pissed.

P77 said...

Most of us cut our longhairs off right after this picture was taken so good luck recognizing us! Plus, we don't usually wear this particular set of "colors" when rollin', the chick magnetism is entirely too strong.

blam? said...

its good to see that the bike polo team has been keeping it real......err, not?