Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Red Fang.

I've just learned that Portland based Red Fang will be playing the Neurolux on February 6th. Hells Yeah! -43


a. mortician said...

That is awesome and totally hilarious. I was in "negotiations" with their booking agency to get them to play a show for a "bike event" that Bikes & Rec wants to put on on May 2 (anyone been looking at that date? speak your piece now). Basically I was given the giant run around and got turned off on the whole affair. Gonna keep it local...stay tuned and see you at Neurolux.

Anonymous said...

See you there and I'll even buy you some cheap cans of beer, 43. Stoked.

Trilbone said...

Route is posted for the Inversion Excursion IV, check it out and get stoked