Sunday, January 11, 2009

Human Powered Rollercoaster.

The Human Powered Rollercoaster-Alley Cats Scramble was this awesome figure eight wooden track that would travel between Vancouver and Toronto during the late nineties. Messengers from all over the world would show up and race for three days putting in, like, three second laps. I raced it in Toronto on Halloween weekend 1998 and it will remain one of the best times I've had on or off a bicycle. The atmosphere was just great. It was here where I first experienced the euro joint. 1/2 grass, 1/2 tobacco. My first Canadian Beer Store. The first time I got to order a coffee "Regular" (cream and two sugars). My fist time in Canada. To add to the experience Fishbone was the headliner playing next to the track on Saturday night. They had people selling beer. They had people selling raw oysters. They were giving out free cigarettes (Dunhill was the main sponsor). The swag was off the hook, too. I'm not sure if it would fly these days. I definitely feel lucky to be one of the few to have raced one of these events.
*I deleted the footnote that I posted here earlier, it didn't make a whole lot of sense and stole some of the thunder from this cool blurb. P77

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