Sunday, November 23, 2008

So the original plan was for Erin (Wife) and Me to go out together to see Holly Golightly and have some cocktails.  It was all set. But the night before the show our youngest girl was a fevered mess. Erin graciously stayed home with the kids while I got a chance to see the show. After talking with Holly about the Headcoatees playing Bimbo's (SF) some twelve years ago and about Erin and an under the weather Isadora I asked her for her autograph for Erin and she wrote a pretty nice note. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Dooooooooooood! I really wanted to catch that gig too. My smallest roommate was in fine spirits but he doesn't do so well when he's left alone. Jealous but stoked she sent her regards to Erin the Black. Hope Izzy is feelin better (maybe she's got the turnin' two blues).

RedHeadForWorldDomination said...

I think there may be something underlying about Izzy's illness. Is there some unseen stress? Some dark and deep secret about her dad she may have discovered? Something like, say, her dad really being a Cutter!!!?

Say it's not so daddy!

Oh, it's so.

Though I did just see that Schwinn is coming out with a flat bar fixed gear called the Cutter. Maybe C39 will be able to turn me to the dark side. Any suggestions on how to live with yourself after having ditched the Cutters for another club but still have the tattoo?



A23 said...

Good old Holly! I believe we snuck a flask of Old Nevermore into that show twelve years ago, huh bud?
And subsequent Holly shows at the BOTH....
Good memories.

Hope your little one is better. Mine are as terrible as always.

WBC Boise Chapter said...

Yeah, I told her of the young lads in deerstalkers sneaking in cheap hooch and inquired about rumors of her living above the Bottom of the Hill (SF) which she confirmed. Good Times. Good Time.
Case, I guess you're not privy to the WBC tattoo. Very hush hush. I rocked Cutters at the HPR in Toronto in 1998, I think. Halloween, eh? Water under the bridge.
I suppose we have some room to expand our membership. Have your people talk to our people.