Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Velopirati.

In case you've stopped checking out the Velopirates blog due some inactivity it is time time put them back into your blog checking rotation. The Velopirates seemed to have employed a new staff of contributing writers and have been posting with fervor and regularity. Whether these new contributors are indeed Velopirates has yet to be confirmed.


Codizzle said...

Thanks for the plug yo. Although none of us here at the velopirates can match the witty masterpieces of p77, we will do our best to provide informative and entertaining pieces of wit.

Trilbone said...

Oh, we're Velopirates alright! Let the madness begin.

Inversion Excursion 4, January 24th, save the date, and check the blog for details and more hijinx.

oldschooly said...

Hey, uh, let;s calm it down there Young Guns. We know you're excited.