Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hellracer 4 results & stuff.
I shot a ton of pictures.
Thee Warlocks Bicycle Club would like to thank you for joining us in the rain for our fourth annual Halloween alleycat race.I believe the total entry topped at 46 racers and despite the craptastic weather, the hangovers and sugar lows and the sheer brutality of the course (in the dark!), you came out and powered through and we salute you.
I heard arguments as to which stop sucked more and it's a tie between: the flat change frenzy courtesy of Scuglia Fab, the sculpture titled Sprout Bench (I guess it actually is a bench), the funeral home on Fairview and Milwaukee or leaf raking at my house (my son's idea, I swear!). It appeared that most everyone enjoyed themselves and I will choose to speak for the Club by saying we really enjoyed this one and we're stoked our town is so full of good people willing to brave bad weather for a good time. Thanks Boise.
Please continue to support your fellow cyclists and allow your wallets to support the good folks that helped us with this event: The Dutch Goose Tavern, Cyclone Distribution (Charlie's generosity is impressive), Stumptown Coffee (thanks Megan!), Bikes-2-Boards for the Swobo frame(!), Prestige Skateboards, Scuglia Fabrication, Northstar Cycle Courier, Civilian Bicycles and Ink Vision Tattoo.
Thank you to all of our club members and stop workers for their good attitudes and their patience and help.
I'm sure I forgot some folks so let me hear it in the comments and I'll make sure they get the proper recognition.
Withe the entry fees The Warlocks reimbursed our production costs, paid out to first an second in Men's and Women's and had enough left over to buy about 15 pitchers of Pabst + tips for the wait staff. 
That's it and that's that, P77 WBC

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Anonymous said...

Totally missed being there, and am glad that there was a good time had by the Boise folks!


Sounds like a kick ass time and hells yeah to art for giving jason the run for the money. keep riding and congrats to WBC for putting on such a great race!