Friday, November 14, 2008

.......It doesn't always suck living in a red state

                                   (Photos courtesy of The Hundreds)
About a month ago after a filling breakfast from the Capri I noticed these posters wheat pasted on various buildings threw town. Little did I know that these were a creation from David Choe. His brother Jimmy went on a cross-country tour pasting these posters in every red state he could find. So Idaho being one these Rudolf Nose colored states these posters ended up in my neighborhood. I was able to scrape one of them off a wall kitty corner from the Capri.  This was no easy task and getting it off with out tearing was really hard.  But perseverance paid off and I can't wait to get it framed and hang it on my wall.  Yeah this state is ultra red but I got a bitchin poster out of it and I know who I voted for.  Other David Choe stuff to checkout is his show on Vice Tv called Thumbs up and his part in "Vice Guide to Travel" were he goes to find The Last Dinosaur of the Congo.


a. mortician said...


It's definitely the first time I have contemplated flying an American flag in my front yard.

A23 said...

Dear Whoever You Are,

Internet etiquette would prescribe that we should never use use one-another's christian names for all of the world to view.

Keep it to yourself Nut-Bag, if that is your real name.

Love, The Pleasurefucker

a. mortician said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry for sacreligious use of your good christian name.
It's kind of like wrestling with your friend. Someone gets hurt then one of you gets called a nutbag and later become buddies again......I hope. The changes have been made and your identity removed.

Love and Kisses
P86 aka (Nut-Bag)