Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sugar Free

Thoroughly sleep deprived and rolling across the BSU campus today, I was marveling at two things: 
  1. I was in a really good mood despite being so tired I was hallucinating and 
  2. I hadn't had any coffee yet and the deliveries in my bag wouldn't allow it for some time.
Then as if on cue, a mini Cooper with a humongous can of Red Bull on top of it rolled into the parking lot next to me. Awesome. I asked the passenger for a can of sugar-free and she said "What's your name?" I told her and she smiled "well, here's a can with your name on it!". I guzzled it as I rode to my next stop and while I locked the bike up I looked at the empty can, it didn't say P77 anywhere on it. At least it was free.


Codizzle said...

Thats a great story except for the sugar free part. The can may not have said P77 on it, but i'm sure it said Sissy somewhere on there.

Love, codizzle

P77 said...

Your Mom keeps reprimanding me about my sugar intake so...