Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Race Ready

H4 Update:
This year is proving to be pretty slim from the swag donation network. I spoke with Stevil from Swobo yesterday and he said they are still recovering from all the product they gave away over the summer. Swobo won't have swag to offer to us or anyone else for at least six months he presumed. As great as our local bike scene is, it's one of many. We have gently worn out our welcome with a few local vendors and the "big" companies (Swobo, Cars-R-Coffins, RE-Load, etc...) that encourage these events and have supported us in the past are just maxed out. The economy is in the shitter and the retail sellers are really feeling it. We will have some stuff to raffle (thanks primarily to Charlie from his outpost in Portland) but expect the trinkets and goodies to be at a minimum this time around. We, The Warlocks Bike Club, will offer a good time on bicycles and plenty of beer so I hope you come out for a fun afternoon, even if you don't get a water bottle or new pair of sox at the end.


Anonymous said...

I'll try to get another box out to you guys. Hold fast. It might not be much, but I'm sure it will help. Missed seeing you, 77.



Liam's Dad said...

Voonderful. Thanks doot. I missed you guys as well. A little bird told me you were in town but my little baby told me I wouldn't be going out, he runs a tight ship ya know. Send me your email to the WBC account: I have a lot of pics to show you cats.

BOISE said...

want some stumptown coffee for yer kitty?



P77 said...

TC doesn't drink coffee but I would love some!