Monday, September 15, 2008

For wheel?

Some loser jacked Art's wheel set. Keep yer peepers peeled, if you see em take em back. They're white and circular. Here's his Craig's List plea, I copied as best as I could (How the eff do you capture a screen shot on a Mac?! ).
stolen fixed wheelset (north end) Reply to: [?] Date: 2008-09-11, 11:59AM MDT My bike was parked outside the apartments on 8th and fort. In the morning i found that someone had relieved me of the stress of riding on wheels. This is alright for me since i had just heard that hovering on bikes without wheels is the new fixed gear. Since i am a hipster and all i care about is being behind the new trend and looking cool, this all fits perfectly. However there is one problem, i have yet to produce the 1.21 jiggawatts i need to hover successfully. until then i am going to need my wheels back. if you are to return them to me, or give me info on where i might find them, i will reward you with a plethora of tasty treats. however, if you are the one that stole them and you try to ride them around, you will certainly be spotted by one of my minions in capri pants. details- white rims, silver hubs with a logo of a shopping cart. they were stock wheels from a swobo sanchez. if you have any info, or just want to chat about what's the new what, call art @ 440-1079 p.s. attached is a photo of the tasty treats you could be rewarded with if i get my wheels back, a picture of me the moment i found out my wheels were gone, and a photo of a male thong that is pretty close to the color of my wheels. thanks for any help!


Boise PCC said...

Lame. Are we going to have to start carrying cables to lock up our wheels? Is this a sign of Boise growing up?

Mac screen cap is kind of a PITA. Applications -> Utilities -> Grab.
It's in the capture menu somewheres.


oldschooly said...

Baaaaad bike karma. Baaaad. If I see them come through the shop I'll give you a call. Good Luck.

Ray J. said...

Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver couldn't have been a better pic.

Apple (command) Key + Shift + 3: captures entire desktop.

Apple (command) Key + Shift + 4 + Spacebar: lets you pick which window you want a screen shot of