Saturday, August 30, 2008


Thee World Famous Warlocks Bicycle Club will be hosting our fourth annual Halloween alleycat HELLRACER on Saturday November 1, 2008. 
We're planning a weekend of cycling events so keep your calendar open. 
More details to come.


Anonymous said...

So apparently you're going to give up the best day ever to have this race, just so PDX can run a stop. WWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEAAAKKKKKKKKK!!!!

a. mortician said...

Gonna have to say there is nothing weak about the day after the day. An All Saints/Souls Day Hellracer is fucking rad.

I will now go slink back into the shadows that Warlocks don't cast.

WBC Boise Chapter said...
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P77 said...

Hey, let's play some polo. It's a holiday weekend and the weather is perfect. We can all get our game on, drink some beers and be friendly to one another. Our scene is small and not worth bickering about. See you bitches at civic plaza at 6.

P77 again... said...

Oops, I meant 5 o'clock.
See you bitches at civic plaza at 5.

WBC Boise Chapter said...
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Codeone said...

Fuck you 43 for assuming I posted that comment. I too have kids and had already planned on trick or treating with them rather than attending the sacred hallows eve race. No crime for loving your kids, only crimes for false assumptions, Thanks for thinking of me though.


Codeone said...

P.S. - You might want to make sure you have your facts straight before you try to publicly call someone out!

Hugs and Kisses xoxox,
Shit Talk Magee

oldschooly said...

My apologies for my incorrect assumptions. I'll eat some crow and wear some egg on my face and all of that. I owe you a cocktail or an HJ or some kind of 'J'.
Hopefully I'll see you at the 'Grind'. Patches will NOT be there as Erin at St. Lukes giving birth RIGHT NOW!