Saturday, July 05, 2008


Well, as many of you know, yours truly has picked up and moved out west to take a position at Cyclone Bicycle Supply in Portland. Some are bummed, some have rejoiced. None the less, I jumped a bird with M39 and headed out on the first and started work the next day in the warehouse. Holy shit. The first day was insane. Picking orders and generally trying to figure out the chaos that is the warehouse was a little overwhelming. Add to that the fact that I didn't quite sleep the night before with anticipation and a touch of heart burn. Not to worry, though, I killed it like you all knew I could. The next night our hosts got married at Voodoo Doughnuts. It was a quaint ceremony attended by some of PDX's finest dirts. Most of which are the best messengers in town. Back to the house afterwards to chug on some Sangria and nosh on some tappas under a shower of fireworks and done was finally done. It only took two ceremonies, but Matt and Clair are now legally hitched, and we were lucky enough to be there for both. Sign the witness line and there you go. It will not come to any great surprise to any of you, but I forgot my software for my camera in Boise, so I'm not going to be able to load images to posts for a minute. Bear with me until then and use your minds eye to picture all of this. Thanks to all that showed up for polo last Sunday. What a good turnout, that for which there should be more of. Have no doubt that I'm going to be hitting it here with the Axles of Evil on their home court, aka "Little Beirut". I'll keep P77 and Four Three posted on the level of play and styles so when it's time some of you kids can come over and rep the 208 in either a tourney of just some pick ups. So, for now, I'm signing of with event envy. Have fun at the B&S, don't get murdered in the heat and chug a couple for me! C39 from PDX


Anonymous said...

howdo...have you seen this..(cardboard bike, ya may like)


N*88 said...

Show 'em how fat, old, Boise guys do it.