Thursday, July 03, 2008

Howzit work again?!

It feels like an eternity since my computer died and I know it's been as long since I've posted on this lil blog log alog. I am now thoroughly proficient in all ways of the Boise Public Library System and hope to frequent this page a bit more often. The library is cool for a myriad of reasons, notably the creepy, smelly lurkers peering over shoulders and all the over-amped lil kids jammin' around demanding from anyone and everyone "HOW YOU PLAY THIS MOTORCYCLE GAME?!" On a more pertinent front - big race happenings for Saturday July 5th. Northstar Cycle Courier and the Boise Weekly are hosting the Third Annual Bars & Stripes alleycat, it starts at 7PM to accommodate all you bike shop monkeys so drop those nipple drivers and come get some! Registration is from 5:30 on at the Weekly offices on 6th & Broad and will set you back 13 bones ( you get a tee-shirt, free beer and some killer swag). Last Sunday the 208 Bike Polo held a heated showdown and bbq farewell for the C39's. Epic battles in 95 degree heat, wieners on the grill, wieners on the sidelines, wooden horse molestation, shotgunned cans of beer and plenty of circling out. Thanks to P86 for the new hot-weather hockey balls but most of all thanks to C39 for gettin' the whole local polo thing up and off the ground. We all talked about it forever and we are fortunate enough you took the initiative to wrangle all us idiots into it. I haven't enjoyed playing a game so much since I was a kid and I'm sure I can speak for everyone involved when I say thanks dude and good luck to you guys in Pot-land. Y'all know when and where we play so come back sometime and show us how they do it on the west side. My minutes are almost up and the kid next to me won't stop laughing at whatever dumb youtube shit he's watching so I'm rollin' out. P77, Collister Branch, Boise Public Library (U.S. and A!)

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