Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day to all of you Dads and soon to be Dads. Here's to you and the craziness that is having kids. Congratulations to Alejandro Valverde on winning the 60th Criterium du Dauphine Libere. The little fella will be battling Cadel Evans in July's Tour de France. Cadel kind of creeps me out for some reason. Is he wearing eyeliner?
It would be a fine battle between these three dudes if it weren't for Levi's(stars and stripesy) team being shut out from participating in this years epic. I would love for some wild card middle or heavy weight to take the yellow jersey into Paris.
Totally possible this year. Kim Kirchen? Totally. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Let me begin by saying sorry for the lack of fresh material here at the Warlocks' Chronicle. I know there is no excuse for a stale web log but 77's computer has sh*t the bed and he's also busy nesting. I (43) on the the other hand am just not very good at throwing down interesting posts that ooze with literary genius. That said I'm just going update y'all to what's happening in my crazy little universe. 
  First off, I am excited to inform you that I've gone ahead and, due to an increase in the limit of my personal credit card, have ordered the pinnacle of all bicycle frame jigs; The Anvil Journeyman frame fixture, which should arrive in roughly three weeks (give or take a week). If I can figure out how to miter my tubes without the use of a milling machine I will start by building my wife the ultimate in super Mom commuting, kid hauling, grocery-getting, mayhem. I will be designing this utilitarian super-machine with the aid of Bikecad-pro which I have also purchased. Yipee! I'm ready to get this whole bike building ball rolling.
  Next up are the regular goings on in my ten by twenty foot shack that I call "my shop" in my back yard. I've been trying to make the ends meet by fabricating things out of steel out there. For instance I've just finished an entertainment center and end table for little "Ralphy" (this is an alias as to protect the innocent) of which I'll have pics of on the fledgeling blog I've just created to showcase some of my creations until I can launch a full blown website. I just have a few pics up for now but will be putting up some text and some photos of more previous works real soon. I also have some fab jobs coming up that will, undoubtedly, make it to the blog. Next up, D-Bag's contractor rack.  Really.
  In the world of cycling we're amidst the Dauphine' Libere which is good indicator of who's going to stir things up at Le Tour....well, minus levi Leipheimer and last years victor Alberto Contador who're banned from the Tour by association of their team Astana.  I will, no doubt, be congratulating the winner of the Dauphine' right here real soon.
  I must now finish my beer and retire to the shower. I will promise to try and keep the posts coming until reinforcements arrive. Good night campers.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

2008 Giro d'Italia

The Warlocks Bicycle Club would like to congratulate Alberto Contador Velasco of Team Astana and winner of the 2007 Tour de France on winning the 91st Giro d'Italia. Hopefully he pees clean. For how it all went down check out Cycling News. There some really good photos on the site especially those of the Gavia.