Tuesday, May 06, 2008

R.I.P. in P.B.R.

Since he lives in Chicago, I figured it'd be Old Style. Pabst is a superior swill anyway though. Speaking of the drinky drink: J Lee popped into the pub last nite with two ice cold bottles of Leinenkugels Original. Soooo good, and considering I had two bottles of directly imported Grain Belt last week my Midwestern beer fix is fully satisfied.

Dave is really good about forwarding me terrifying news blurbs from the web, this gem appeared in my inbox today: http://www.fresh99.com/bicycle-lift.htm His take was : Who do they think they are, Americans?! Seriously, how is it that something so stupid/lazy/cool didn't originate here? And Dave, if you don't get some flat pedals for polo soon, you're gonna need the bike lift to transport you home after the match.

Speaking of polo, it's high time we start up the Friday Night Fights don't you say? (I stole the name from A23 and his Oaktown cronies). It's light out late enough, let's git it on.


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czvk elz said...

Fuck, let's do it.