Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Coast Represent

This time of year always makes me miss the Midwest, hockey playoffs, Twins baseball and bulk bags of Kingsford charcoal on sale. Minneapolis, despite being confined to the ridiculously cold climes of what is essentially Southern Canada, is an amazing town. It's a super liberal puddle of artists and cyclists and great rock n' roll in the middle of the cold and conservative sea of middle-American farm country. And everyone there likes beer. Lots of it. In tall cans, 40's, pony kegs, suitcases, half racks and now, I discover: pedal powered. My daily perusing of weird web culture (which always starts with Stevil's rants over at ) unearthed this little gem of awesomeness currently marauding the fine city streets of Minny. THE PEDAL PUB. WOW. There truly is no place like home. P77


Boise PCC said...

The nordeast pub crawl kind of makes me homesick.
Optional stops at Elsie's, Grumpy's AND Gastof (for the snuff fix of course). It just needs to end at Surdyk's.

A23 said...

Looks like that bitch has a For Sale sign on it. I'll give you five bucks if you buy it, and then spend the summer riding it back to Boise.

chad said...

Holy hell I want that!....... we have a serious project on our hands...... fund raiser's anyone?

Jon said...

I want one!