Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Mean Streets of Sesame

Riding in the downtown, weekend party traffic is always a bit interesting. Take my friend Bert for instance; he's the one in the car in the picture above. If the photo were larger you could read "Bert" on his plates and see he is giving me the finger and also, just barely, the police a few car lengths back. Ya see, Bert hates me or hates bicycles or hates traffic or hates driving or maybe even hates Ernie. Either way, he was so upset that I rolled past him while he was idling at a green light that he raced up onto my back wheel and laid on his horn for the next two blocks. I slowed to a crawl and laughed at him over my shoulder and then snapped the picture. About three seconds after I pulled the shutter the cop signaled me to the curb as he closed out my line. He reprimanded me for not having lights on my bike and explained how dangerous that really is. He told me the lighting fine was $50 and if he felt so inclined he could ring me up for an additional $75 for an unsignaled lane change and $75 for "antagonizing a motorist". He let me go with a warning and Bert I assume, went back to Mr. Hooper's and grabbed another pocket-bottle of gin before he went back out honking his little horn. So, be careful out there kiddies, Bert hates you and can't wait to tell you and everyone else within earshot all about it. *Local ordinance says that it's possible to be hit with a $100 fine for noise violation but fails to mention if this applies to car horns or muppets driving. P77

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Josh said...

Boise drivers suck.