Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shamrock & Roll

It was brought to my attention that there is some concern about how we (WBC) allocate the money people pay to enter our races. I want to clarify this so those that like us don't start to dislike us and those that don't like us ...well, we don't like you either so there. C43 and I have been hosting alleycats here in Boise since 2005. In the same way that The Warlocks came to fruition (over many, many beers) we decided to start having "outlaw" bike races. We were trying to get our messenger service off the ground and figured an alleycat might draw some attention to it. Well, it worked. Sort of. We got written up in The Boise Weekly and Thrive and the Statesman and the Business Review all in the first couple months of opening our doors. Some articles were about the races and some were about the new addition to the downtown delivery scene. Either way, we got the press we had hoped for. Flash to 2.5 years later and our races have gone from 20 riders to 100+ at Hellracer 3 but Northstar is still struggling and I continue to work at the bar at nite to keep my head above water. The alleycats are no longer a vehicle for the business but a way for the bike club to bring our friends together and rip around and drink a lot. I don't know what bike clubs are expected to do and I don't care. The Warlocks are about riding bicycles and drinking beer and getting tattoos and skateboarding and enjoying things that traditional avenues like sanctioned races and 9-5 jobs and american idol don't provide. We don't exist as a sort of olive branch to the community, we're here for our own guilty pleasures and as all of us are obligated to more adult responsibilities during the day, we use the club to get out and ride and drink and listen to rock & roll at nite. We're small business owners and parents and spouses and independent contractors and the alleycats are a way for us to show you how we like to have fun. So, if paying 10 bucks to race bothers you just stay home. We'll enjoy ourselves just fine without you. P77.WBC Boise.
Here is a breakdown of the L3 entry fees. $10 entry,75 racers=$750 Winners got a total of $550 (1st=$150 each, 2nd=$75ea, 3rd=$50ea) Stop workers got $60 for the beer riders drank (and we forgot to pay Mrs. Caldara. Sorry!) That left $135. 4 Warlocks received $27 a piece which we promptly spent at the finish line/other bars. $5 went unaccounted for. (T13 paid for the spokecards and manifests out of his own pocket)


blam-o said...

$5 unaccounted for? UNACCEPTABLE!! guys should really grow some.

Jon said...

sounds like a bargain to me

Jimmy said...

Best "m"f" ing 10 dollars i ever spent. I would race even if there was no prize money. I drank all of my winnings away any way. Keep up the good "m"f"ing work. BBP has your back.

fourthree said...

Not that we need to explain ourselves anyway. We're a motherfucking GANG!, club.

Warlocks Forever Forever Warlocks

A23 said...

I'm sending you 5 bucks.

You guys fucking rule.

Love, Abe

Singletrack Mind said...

These people who are complaining need to grow up. It's recockulous how oblivious people can be to how much they gain from someone else's blood, sweat, and tears. I've seen what it takes to organize a race like this, and it's basically an extraordinary amount of work for no return other than watching your friends have a good time. Anybody bitching should go to a traditional race and pay the FIFTY bucks to ride with a bunch of stuck up pricks in full lycra, and maybe then they'll appreciate what you guys are doing for them. Sadly, you always get people who would rather bitch about the good things someone else is doing than sack up and do something themselves.

Great race by the way. I had a fucking amazing time.

Boise Bike Polo said...

Copy that on the amount of work put in to these things. Maybe someday those that have a bitch about the money, manifest, lack of prizes or whatever else can throw their own race/event. It's a (sort of) thankless job that the greatest joy is to see the bike culture and scene in Boise grow. Hopefully those that are all butt hurt now invest in a new saddle and forget about it by the time H4 rolls around.
I, personally, could give a shit. I'm going to continue to help and host events, regardless. Because, after all, no matter what, there will always be someone with something to bitch about. That's part of the game, and I'm all for it. Can't make everyone happy, so what?
Look, thanks to those that came out and suffered through the punishment we dealt you guys this weekend. Perhaps we need a pub crawl so everyone can get together and hold hands. I find it funny that people forget that the part of cycling called suffering. If you don't want it, why do you ride that thing? Needless to say it's fun, but how rad is it to get those three extra stops when you thought you had it all sewed up? How fucking radder was it to go back out tired, sore, sweaty, thirsty and hungry to actually throw that final nail in the coffin of accomplishment? Fuck the money.
Come out, play polo. Support the all ladies alleycat Dirty and Pink. Keep your eyes peeled for other things going down. Watch that weekend crit, come out and have a beer or two watching friends suffer for an hour during cross season, or better yet, start racing cross. Throw your own race, whatever. Just make sure your tyres are at their proper psi before you leave the house.


Boise Bike Polo said...

And just remember, Liverdance is the easy one.


matt said...

When will I see the warlocks listed here?

Good race, thanks guys.

A23 said...

Damn well put, 39.

RoyorBoy said...

Pure nonsense, fun and lots of hard crazy riding. I don't give a shit if its $10.00, $20.00 $30.00, ect..., count me in. Thanks for taking the time to let this old man crank the streets of Boise with other like minded riders. I road my ass off and still got my ass handed to me and I wouldn't want it any other way. I even woke up Sunday morning on some strange mans couch and I am a family man. See you at the next one and let me know if you need a extra hand. The man in the green disco shirt.