Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Warlocks would like to thank Swobo, Ira Ryan Cycles, Fatsaks, Broakland Bicycles, Thomas Hammer Coffee, Prestige Skateboards, The Dutch Goose, The Neurolux, O'Micheal's, The Blues Bouquet, Kyle, Tas, JLee and most of all the 75 people that came and raced and drank at L3.
We were kidding about the Velopirates being blamed for the additional 3 stops you got outta the Lux. That was on us but we like to mess with with our in-town rivals whenever we can. I'm hoping Cody sends me some pics, until then you'll have to look at the handful I took before I went to the finish without my camera. Slainte!


Boise Bike Polo said...

I wonder if Lil Bow Wow at his swobo grilled cheese.


77 said...

I hope not. Stevil from Swobo not only sent us the killer box of jerseys/hats/tees he also included:
1 note stating "Have a great event and don't forget to suckit!"
1 pack Earlyman condoms
1 weird prepackaged grilled cheese
1 athletic wristband
1 can of warm Budweiser beer
Someone grabbed that warm-ass beer off the registration table and probabaly drank it, Stevil would be proud. Click the Bummer Life link to check out his blog. We owe him some bacon.

Dustin said...

Hey what up
My girlfriend had her spoke card stolen off her bike locked up downtown It was our first race and she is a little bummed to have her memorabilia missing any chance you have any extras she may be able to replace the lost one with

thank you