Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Warlocks would like to thank Swobo, Ira Ryan Cycles, Fatsaks, Broakland Bicycles, Thomas Hammer Coffee, Prestige Skateboards, The Dutch Goose, The Neurolux, O'Micheal's, The Blues Bouquet, Kyle, Tas, JLee and most of all the 75 people that came and raced and drank at L3.
We were kidding about the Velopirates being blamed for the additional 3 stops you got outta the Lux. That was on us but we like to mess with with our in-town rivals whenever we can. I'm hoping Cody sends me some pics, until then you'll have to look at the handful I took before I went to the finish without my camera. Slainte!

Shamrock & Roll

It was brought to my attention that there is some concern about how we (WBC) allocate the money people pay to enter our races. I want to clarify this so those that like us don't start to dislike us and those that don't like us ...well, we don't like you either so there. C43 and I have been hosting alleycats here in Boise since 2005. In the same way that The Warlocks came to fruition (over many, many beers) we decided to start having "outlaw" bike races. We were trying to get our messenger service off the ground and figured an alleycat might draw some attention to it. Well, it worked. Sort of. We got written up in The Boise Weekly and Thrive and the Statesman and the Business Review all in the first couple months of opening our doors. Some articles were about the races and some were about the new addition to the downtown delivery scene. Either way, we got the press we had hoped for. Flash to 2.5 years later and our races have gone from 20 riders to 100+ at Hellracer 3 but Northstar is still struggling and I continue to work at the bar at nite to keep my head above water. The alleycats are no longer a vehicle for the business but a way for the bike club to bring our friends together and rip around and drink a lot. I don't know what bike clubs are expected to do and I don't care. The Warlocks are about riding bicycles and drinking beer and getting tattoos and skateboarding and enjoying things that traditional avenues like sanctioned races and 9-5 jobs and american idol don't provide. We don't exist as a sort of olive branch to the community, we're here for our own guilty pleasures and as all of us are obligated to more adult responsibilities during the day, we use the club to get out and ride and drink and listen to rock & roll at nite. We're small business owners and parents and spouses and independent contractors and the alleycats are a way for us to show you how we like to have fun. So, if paying 10 bucks to race bothers you just stay home. We'll enjoy ourselves just fine without you. P77.WBC Boise.
Here is a breakdown of the L3 entry fees. $10 entry,75 racers=$750 Winners got a total of $550 (1st=$150 each, 2nd=$75ea, 3rd=$50ea) Stop workers got $60 for the beer riders drank (and we forgot to pay Mrs. Caldara. Sorry!) That left $135. 4 Warlocks received $27 a piece which we promptly spent at the finish line/other bars. $5 went unaccounted for. (T13 paid for the spokecards and manifests out of his own pocket)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Liverdance 3 Results

Here are the results from the 2008 edition of the Liverdance Alleycat saga. We had the manifests in order of finishers but some how they got all f_cked up. If you notice any discrepancies please throw us an email at and we'll make the changes. Some riders failed to put their names on their manifests and all we have is a rider number. If you know who these people are get a hold of us and we'll make the changes. Thanks for you participation. We'll have a more complete description of how things went down here real soon.
  1. Kate Shanahan
  2. Leila Ramella-Rader
  3. Amber Linn
  1. Jason "Li'l Bow Wow" Bauer
  2. Brian A.
  3 .Jimmy Hallyburton
  4. Aaron Wydra
  5. Justin "Flando Calrissian" Landers
  6. Art Widmar
  7. Sean Edmondson
  8. Christian Gelok 
  9. Jarris Wieme
10. Jeff Buttars

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

L3: This Saturday

Enjoy these sunny photos from last year's jam cuz it ain't gonna be this nice on Saturday. This appeared in today's Boise Weekly:
"Stand up to Pedal In Liverdance III, your largest internal organ gets as much of a workout as your lungs and legs. The latest Warlocks Bicycle Club event beckons every man and woman who dares to race around on two wheels to compete in a scavenger hunt-type contest. This crazy thing called alley-cat racing involves some slamming—both hitting the pavement and the ingestion of the liquid courage—in order to continue on. Cuts, scrapes and near-misses only add to the sense of adventure and make for good storytelling from year to year. In the end, all riders gather to single out the champions and celebrate in one big group of cycle-loving comrades. 6 p.m., $10 entry, Camels Back Park, 13th St., Boise." That pretty much sums it up, see you there.