Friday, February 15, 2008

NAHBS 2008

I (43) spent last weekend with my family and the 23's in Portland. I was there for the 2008 North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show.  I was there to hear some seminars and see some bikes. Boy howdy, did I see some bikes. I hadn't gone to any of the previous shows so I cannot compare this one to the others but it was awesome for me.  I got to attend the opening "Industry Only" day on Friday and was able to attend some good seminars. It was nice to to preview the show before the madness of Saturday.  
  Saturday a.m. was met with a scenic ride with A23 to the coffee roastery and then across the river and to downtown. At the show I saw the exhibitors had put the finishing touches on their displays. I arrived with A23 but had left him to it as I had a seminar to attend. Later that evening we were enlightened to an awesome little Thai place with the best and spiciest most addictive food on the planet earth. Seriously, Pok Pok is the name and if you're ever in Portland you must treat yourself right and go.
Saturday after everyone had gone to bed us old dudes jammed downtown to catch some of the Rapha Clothing roller races. We missed the races proper but were just in time to get in for free to watch four fat dudes hammering it out on the rollers, Sip on the beers we smuggled in and to take advantage of the box of tamales which had recently become free. Shit Yes! Although still high from the Thai food I just could not, by nature, turn down free tamales. Fuck!    
Sunday I took my little family to the show. Isadora slept and Erin and I spent the whole time chasing around a bike crazed Vivian.  When We got back to the 23's we engorged ourselves on fresh garlic roasted crab and caesar salad and got duh-runk. We left for home on Monday and it was tough getting the kids and a very hungover wife out the door and on the road. The 23's were a fantastic pair of hosts and it was a rare treat hanging out with their twin boys, the Lads. 
Thanks Fokers!
Check out A23's account of things here.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Alleycat Fever

The Minneapolis messengers just held their 11th annual Stupor Bowl alleycat on Saturday with a whopping 360 participants. I guess it was a balmy 20 degree day (compared to last year's negative 10!) and for the first time in SB history a woman won first place. Matter of fact, 5 of the top 25 were women. Right on. I know the local ladies show up for the Dirty in Pink throwdown but I'd like to see a bigger female turnout for Liverdance 3. We're shootin for Saturday March 15th. Stay tuned to this page for more info.

Monday, February 04, 2008

R.I.P. Sheldon Brown

I've learned that Sheldon Brown died last night (02/03) from a heart attack. The cycling community has lost one of it's most colorful, passionate and informative members. The Warlocks' thoughts go out to the family and friends of Mr. Brown.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Polo is the new Izod.

Whaddya say after a few holes of golf, we
pile into my $36,000 SUV and go play some bike polo!
We'll put the kiddies in the back and my
full-suspension mountain bike on the roof!
Don't forget the Zima!