Monday, December 10, 2007

Polo: Friendly Fire & Casual Casualties

Battle wound from high speed collision with The Ghetto Ghost Sunday 12.09.07
PMOD in it's final moments, even the broken ball is bummed. Don't bother relaxing, the Candy Cane of Doom will exact revenge. You've been warned.


Boise Bike Polo said...

Some mallets are too good for this earth, and Baby Jeabus needs them back before their true coming of age. RIP, PMOD. WE might miss you, but I'm sure the cones, trees, balls, basketball hoops, Paul's head and whatever else you have exacted your terror on won't.

candy cane of doom said...

On behalf of PMOD I thank you for your kind words. I just know he's swingin for the stars on some glass-smooth piece of asphalt in the sky, little orange balls with wings unable to dodge the vicious strikes...oh the glory of it all.
I miss him too.

maybewhatever said...

Ahhh Shhhucks! Hope that wasn't broken over someone's head. See ya sunday fool!


candycaneofdoom said...

Sorry P Dubs, PMOD met it's fate in a much less glamorous manner:I wrapped it around a basketball pole. Weak I know. Anyhowo, see YOU on sunday fool.
Polo Rey