Friday, December 14, 2007

Bar Crawl, Alleycat, Polo

"'Tis the season". Someone held the door for me at the post office and said that. Someone almost hit me at a 4way stop while not signaling and talking into his cell and I said that. Anyway, it IS the season for urban bicycle mayhem and this weekend is chock full. Saturday 12/15 Frozen Parts Booze Cruise Meet at Hyde Park Pub at 6PM. Decorate your bike, drink yourself silly. A lot of people on a lot of different types of bikes going to a few bars and drinking too much. Free to ride, you pay for drinks and tip your bartenders and servers. Raffle and poker run probable. Sunday 12/16 Charlie's Birthday CoffeeCat Race/Benefit Meet at Fairview Park (N 23rd/Bannock) 10:30 AM. Bring bicycle parts or even a bike you're not using to donate to Project Ride, see for more info. Also bring a bike for you to ride, a coffee mug and 5 dollar bills. Get your race on, get over caffeinated then head to North Junior High for Bicycle Polo If you already play then you know what's up, if not here's the deal: You need a bike with a little spinny gear that you don't mind gettin banged up. You need a mallet, but for first-timers there are always extras lying around. We play 3 on 3 on the basketball court. First team to 5 goals wins, 15 minute clock in the event of a tie. Ladies and gentlemen, start your livers. P77

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