Friday, November 30, 2007

Rock an Roll

I flipped on the shitbox tonite and before the screen warmed up I heard London Calling played by someone other than the Clash.
Even weirder was the picture coming in to reveal Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and the guy from the Sopranos (Steven Van Zandt?) standing on a stage belting it out.
The bass player wasn't Flea and I don't know who was behind the drums.
Not a bad version and probably the best song The Boss has played in 20 years.
Actually, The Modern has a lil turntable and some 45's in the bathroom and I find myself always playing I'm Going Down which isn't a bad song and fitting when you flush. Nebraska is probably in my top 20 (at least in what I have on vinyl) so I shouldn't badmouth him. I had Hungry Heart on 45 as a kid.
I also had the Should I Stay or Should I Go single with a great B-Side called Long Time Jerk. My brother and I would set up a little stage with Adventure People and fabricate tiny instruments and crank the tunes and use flashlights to make a little sold-out concert. Almost as fun as using the entire kitchen countertop as a town for our Matchbox cars. Mom killed that buzz when she found Tim's Datsun 280-Z in the garbage disposal.
Anyway, The Clash still rule.

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