Monday, October 29, 2007

Seven Deadly Spins

The Warlocks Bicycle Club would like to thank everyone that raced,helped,
watched and enjoyed our Third and largest Halloween alleycat yet.
When we hosted our first Boise race on Cinco de Mayo 2005, we had
23 people show up. On Saturday we had prepared for 75 contestants and
found ourselves looking at 98 racers ready to rock. Fucking awesome.
I know that we ran out of spokecards around 72 so we'll be making more
this week. Check this blog for a time/place to pick em up.
I have to take the blame for the 11th street address fuck up. Sorry.
Most of you rolled with it and figured out the actual stop but I still feel like shit.
Chris was trying all weekend to get me to roll the course with him to prevent
a problem just like that. Sorry gang, I'll pay more attention next time.
Thank you again for riding safely and being so well behaved at the
checkpoints and finish line. Please support the establishments we sent
you to and the companies that gave us products to give away.Huge kudos to Nick and Andoni at Leku Ona for going out of their way (on an extremely busy nite and even shorter notice) to make the afterparty as rad as it was.Thank you to the Symposion,The Neurloux (it's ONE ELEVEN 11th jackass!) and The Emerald Club for allowing you to run thru their bars.Thanks to our stop workers: Sara,Ryan,Jason,Rob and Bobby & Jen.Thanks to Vaughn for the use of his kegerator. Thanks to these excellent cycling/cycling-friendly companies for their generous offerings: New Belgium Brewery, Freight Mess bags, Dank Bags, Trek, Shimano, Cateye, Polar Pak, Bikes-2-Boards, George's, Ink Vision and someone cool I'm sure I forgot. MaidenBoise or Thomas Hammer probably.
I will post pix on photobucket later this week.
See you at the next race (Inversion Excursion 3?).


Codeone said...

oh yes, Inversion Excursion III. Hope to see all you out for the race in th cold.Look for teaser flyers soon. Race will be in January.Get your cross bikes ready, can you say Alley Cross!!! stay tuned for more info.

Anonymous said...

thanks again for putting the race on - everyone i know that came out had a fantastic time!