Monday, October 08, 2007

H3 Information

All the race info you ever wanted to know but were too drunk to ask:
We divide this up between the top Mens/Womens finishers and then try to recoup our production costs. These events aren't super cheap but we try to keep em affordable. Why? Because we like you.
21+: Due to the fact that you are required to stop at a few taverns we ask that you please bring an ID. A waiver is signed at the race start so we will check your ID there. For the young guns we will be providing an alternate manifest that allows you to race but not go into the bars. The pain is all ages.
Safety: It's gettin dark early so we are encouraging you to outfit your ride with lights. If you're dressed up like Gargamel (Abe) cars can't see you rippin thru the intersection. Or maybe you're going as Rainbow Bright (Chris) so this doesn't apply, but either way, we want you back in one piece.
Additional items: You will have to pick up various items along the course to carry to the Finish Line, so a messenger bag or backpack or large purse (Travis) is recommended.
That said, we're looking forward to the race and hope you are too.
See you there!
Warlocks Bicycle Club

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