Monday, July 02, 2007

Red Hot Riot!

Red Hot props to AJ for the killer alley-sprint throwdown on Sunday. Great to see such a big turnout for a hot Sunday evening, the neighbors seemed stoked and the cops didn't show until 10PM. Two kegs got dusted in 3 hours and everyone got to see firsthand exactly how fast Bauer really is. Eeesh. The carnage was kept to a relative minimum - AJ ate shit at top speed and, as you can see, Chuck got chucked at the end of his sprint victory. Nine stitches and a couple of new teeth. Ouch. Skid contest was a blast despite the low entry number. Track stands were a bit confusing with the music but Cody stood tall til the end.Good times, thanks AJ.


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about myself I too grew up punk in small town Idaho getting my ass kicked by cowboys.My parents lost jobs to lay offs. No immediate family sickness (except mental), and cheers to your sister for being a trooper. I am not a fake ass gangster, and I do occassionally go to the Neurolux. Oh Yeah I too am also "breaking my ass" to raise my Family. Looks like we have a lot in common, except; I love Boise, I love Idaho, and rather then looking back on the trial and tribulations from childhood until now feeling like I "earned" the right to be callus and bitter. I instead try to use them to make myself a better person and pass on the will and knowledge to my children too look past all the bullshit and hard times we all go through, enjoy the good things, and avoid wasting them while being bitter about the bad. I hope you find happiness in Portland, but to blame Boise for your situation is ridiculous, Any place is as good as you make it, Peace

Anonymous said...

you know, I'm not from idaho, I'm a "no-coast mid west is the best, boy all day" but Idaho guys are hard core, 110 in the summer, -10 in the winter and these guys can drink beer, ride bikes and kick ass with the best, if your from the bay, the mid west, the east coast or whatever, give these guy props, if you've duked it out with an Idaho native in an local Alley Cat then you know that these guys are for real, thanks for welcoming all of non-natives, I'm proud to call this my new home

Anonymous said...

Chuck got chucked at the end of his sprint victory? I thought he lost.