Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Drinko de Mayo

The Fourth (?!) annual Cinco de Mayo booze cruise took place on Sabado afternoon. I believe a record 54 participants rolled up and rolled out, taking over every bar the ride came across and leaving in it's wake empty tall-boys, decent tips and befuddled patrons. I had spent the entire morning, okay noon til 2:30, decking out my cruiser with streamers and flags and even a miniature Jesus in my basket, only to pull the valve right out of the tube seconds before leaving. Nice, I liked that. Wonderful compliment to my tremendous hangover. Other than that minor setback (I rolled my 24" BMX instead- which throttled my knee)I think everyone had a super good time. An easy, back-to-basics evening: ride, stop, drink, drink, ride, stop, drink,drink and repeat - until you or everything else stops making sense. Thanks Jeff.