Monday, March 19, 2007

L2 to you 2

Liverdance 2 is o'er an done wit.
It had it all; spills, chills, and cheap thrills.
Sorry to those that returned to the park too late to find a
man manning the stop. It wasn't Patrick's fault.
Nothing ever is, he's a saint remember?
Here's three pictures from my piece of shit camera that
retained only a few shots from the first half of the race. I did
have some pretty pics from the finish line.
Thanks and sorry to the rest of the Warlocks for my help and lack of same. And Megan, I'm glad you're okay.
Same goes to you Cody.
More pics and info to follow.
We'll be getting tee shirts ordered this week and will call
you when they're ready.
Cheers, Patrick WBC

1 comment:

princess leia said...

alleycat was so much fun! i saw you all there! i don't really know you, but i caught this online and figured i'd say that it was awesome to race along and have a good time with you on last sat!!