Monday, March 19, 2007

L2 Results

Here are the results fron the 2007 St. Paddy's Day alleycat Liverdance 2. I wish I had some photos to post this go 'round but I don't. Abe and Cody had some video rolling and hopefully we can see the footage sometime soon. Let me also appologize for the late start and the administrative shortcomings. You can rest assured that all of our future races will be perfect. Liverdance2 women: 1. Rebecca Granat 2. Micaela Haskins 3. Kendelle Vogt 4. Cheyenne House 5. Lindsey Lockwood Men: 1. Aaron Wydra 2. Kyler Martz 3. Allen Deahl 4. Paul Prestige 5. Beau Burly 6. Guy Orozco 7. Hector Perez 8. Brandon Myers 9. Ryan Weaks 10. Andy Pecchenino Special thanks to the ever-growing list of paticipants and to the people who work the stops for us. Also thanks to Mark at Rock and Roll Lubricants and to the Maiden Boise dudes for their prize donations.

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Andy said...

I just Googled my name and found this blog. Thanks for my T-shirt, assholes. I want my $10 back.


P.S. Fuck you.