Monday, October 30, 2006


H2. 10/28/06. 46 racers. 11 stops. 4 lost chainring bolts. 0 crashes (!). 1 keg of 2 below. 5 free pizzas. 10 people without spokecards. 65 degrees. 2 out-of-towners. 12 ladies. 2 flats. 4 diehards that drank at EVERY stop. 1 watertrap. 8 bricks. 3 different prices at Los Betos. 2 cemeteries. 5 bars. 1 trophy. 1 killer flyer. 50 bottles of chain lube. 1 Freight messenger bag. 100 dollars. 1 old guy. Plenty of one-speeds. 1 really good afternoon. Warlocks Bicycle Club would like to thank you for coming out to race, for tipping your bartenders and being so well behaved. Good work kids. We had 46 entries this time, our best showing ever. Each event keeps getting bigger and it's pretty exciting to watch our little scene blossom here in Boise. The weather was killer, the racing was fast and the costumes were hilarious. We need to officialy thank our sponsors for being so damn generous. You should thank them too by supporting their products/establishments. Brandon at The Front Door allowed us to run rampant all over his bar and gave out free pizza and lunch tickets to help recover from the race. Thanks also to Marvin the bartender. Katie at New Belgium Brewing was kind enough to give us jackets and tee shirts and a FREE keg of Two Below beer. Free beer... thank you Katie. Chris was in SF the week of the race and managed to track down Travis of Freight Baggage, who was awfully awesome to donate the killer mess bag that Brigid won. I think you can find his bags on MySpace. Do it. Mark from Boise's own Rock & Roll Lubrication went way out of his way and gave us lil' sample sized bottles of chain lube for everyone that raced and also the king-sized bottles for our third place finishers. They are truly the "King of Lubes" and are locally produced. Buy it. Use it. Euphoria Salon,George's Cycles,MontanoVelo,American Cyclery and the Raleigh dealer in Seattle that Megan got cool shit from all deserve big ups. Respect. From a production standpoint: Thank you to Chris for the official H2 trophy, rad as always. Travis for the spokecard art (there are more coming for those of you who didn't get one), Noble for the race flyer, Abe for the Sympo stop and all things "racey", Charlie for the stamps and hosting at the Nerdolux, Travis for being awake, Bobby & Jen for jello shots, Nathan & Katy for the obstacle course and Erin and Patrick for whatever.

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